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Profile: I currently work as a domestic violence counselor, a job that I find challenging but incredibly fulfilling. When not at work, I'm playing with my young son and spending time with my husband, preparing for the birth of a daughter, pining to go to graduate school and trying not to drop the many balls I'm attempting to juggle.

Website: http://first-fig.blogspot.com

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Music and the Church III: On music education
March 20, 2010 Filed under: Mormon Life |

Relief Society Lesson 6: The Fall of Adam and Eve
March 10, 2010 Filed under: Mormon Life, Relief Society Lessons | Tags: |

How You Can Help a Victim of Domestic Violence
March 1, 2010 Filed under: education, Family, Relationships, women | Tags: , , , |

To Some It Is Given
February 1, 2010 Filed under: Acceptance, Belief, Doubt, faith, Mormon Life, spirituality, testimony, women | Tags: , , , , |

Music and the Church II: On Regulation and the Unfamiliar
January 16, 2010 Filed under: authority, guest post, music | Tags: , , |

Guest Post: On Music and the Church
January 4, 2010 Filed under: Mormon Life, music | Tags: |

The Feminist Twelve Days of Christmas
December 19, 2009 Filed under: Christmas, feminism, history, women | Tags: , , |

The Problem with Ambitious Husbands
December 7, 2009 Filed under: Mormon Life |

A Message from the “Save the WRI” Movement
November 18, 2009 Filed under: announcements |

Save the Women’s Research Institute!
November 5, 2009 Filed under: Changes, education, feminism, Mormon women | Tags: , , , , |

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