Exponent II Classics: Keepers of the Keys to the Culture

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I love this piece from one of my favorite Exponent II founding mothers, Judy Dushku.  I hope that we bloggers continue to be the Exponent II women that others will seek for companionship when they are questioning or feel like they don’t fit in.

Judy Dushku
Watertown, Massachusetts
Vol. 8, No. 4 (Summer 1982)

In a recent Relief Society meeting, a convert bore a powerful testimony filled with exhilaration about spiritual manifestations she had experienced in answer to her prayers pleading for peace of mind and confirmation that the Lord loved her. Because the woman was new in the Church, the words she chose to express her gratitude and joy and the experiences she described were unusual for an LDS group. She spoke openly of knowing that Jesus’ spirit was present and that she had felt in clear and vivid ways his love for her. (more…)

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teleology: living for the ends or living for now.

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by Amelia

i’ve been told i would marry so many times that i couldn’t count them.  and that i would have children.  in lesson after lesson—as a sort of formula: live your life correctly and god will bless you (and we all know that, for a woman, marriage and children is the greatest blessing).  it’s never that explicit, but it’s there nonetheless.  i’ve also been told that i would marry and have children in priesthood blessings.  many blessings.  starting when i was an infant and moving through every significant moment of my life and quite a few ordinary moments.

at this moment, i don’t think i will marry and have children.  it’s not that i’m convinced it won’t happen; it’s more that i’m not convinced it will happen.  which leaves me with this—what my life is in this moment, with no promises of what it can be beyond that. (more…)

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by Amelia

a little over a month ago, a dear friend’s father died.  about two weeks ago, i went to her dad’s house on the day they were clearing out furniture and everything else so the house could be prepared for the market and sold.  i stopped to see my friend and maybe give her a spot of good cheer at a hard time.  we shared some conversation and some laughter.  i enjoyed being there.  and i think it helped my friend a bit for me to stop by for a while.

as they were wrapping up the last few details, i tried to keep out of the way by wandering around the house and the yard.  it’s a cute house—built in the 50s; big picture windows with a wonderful window seat; quirky architectural details; a door jamb recording decades of a family’s growth; a wonderful berry patch and fruit trees in the back yard.  and i knew i could make that house a home—a perfect place to raise a family; a yard brimming with growing things to nourish the body and the soul; a home full of love and joy and strength when life gets hard.  and i was filled with wanting. (more…)

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Why Do You Blog?

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After reading Ziff’s posts on bloggernacle sites activity levels, I’ve been thinking about what kind of niche Exponent II has in the bloggernacle, and more personally, about why I blog.

When I found the bloggernacle, through Feminist Mormon Housewives, I was elated to find a community who shared some of my questions about the church. At first I was looking for answers, but as time went on, all I found were more questions. It felt like I had opened Pandora’s box and nothing would ever be neatly wrapped in a tidy doctrinal package anymore. At times I was overwhelmed with anguish, grief, and despair. Then I realized I needed this online community for support and understanding, not for answers.
Acknowledging the difference has been very powerful for me.
So, here I am, 16 months later, welcomed warmly by the women here at ExII and happy to have such a wonderful home on the bloggernacle. Now, in addition to seeking for support and understanding, I can offer these things to fellow bloggers who are going through similar challenges.
Although it varies from day to day, I have more peace with my place in the church and in the world as I continue to blog regularly. Part of that has been meeting some of my bloggernacle friends face to face, and developing Real Life friendships. Two of these fabulous women are EmilyCC and MRaynes who have shown me how to strike the difficult balance between holding on to feminism and holding on to the church. The other part has been recognizing that difficult questions will always be there, and life wouldn’t be the great learning experience that it is without them. Blogging is my way of accepting this and connecting to others in a meaningful way.

So, I’m asking those of you who comment regularly, or who read regularly and rarely comment, or even those who are here for the first time. (and here I refer to blogging as any kind of writing on LDS blogs, be it posts or comments)

Why do you blog?
Have your reasons for blogging evolved over time?
How has blogging helped or hurt you?
What kind of posts do you most like to read?
How does blogging relate to your church/religious experience?

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