Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: a Mother’s Day Talk

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by EmilyCC

This isn’t a cheery talk.  (My husband, Nate: “I think people are going to want to shoot themselves afterwards.”)  But, my points in this talk are twofold: we all can mother (Jesus and Heavenly Father are prime examples) and all that God asks for us in our mothering is to do it in love.  This talk ended up being more conservative than I’d like–you’ll see me struggle with the incongruity between our treatment of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.  And, I dropped some of my inclusive language because other readers said that members of my conservative ward could get caught up in my language and miss what I was saying (unfortunately, I think they’re right).

Thanks to my mom and husband who mothered me through this talk (it’s rough to write a Mother’s Day talk when one is a relatively new mother and often overwhelmed at her new job) and all the posts below that inspired this talk.

I can’t think of a talk that is harder for a woman to give than the Mother’s Day talk.  In a church that lauds the role of motherhood, this holiday can be especially difficult. (more…)

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When Mother’s Day Sucks

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Sheila, has been doing a series on her personal blog about what she’s learned from infertility.  This essay is a version of one of the Fertility Quest posts.

Mother’s Day, May 11th, is really just around the corner. And let me tell you, it is a day of hell for ladies that struggle to become moms. (And it can be rough for others such as those with relationship concerns with a mother figure, but that isn’t the focus for this post.) I still remember all of the Mother’s Days where I heard ladies talk about motherhood by saying, “I am so glad that God has trusted me with these children.”

In my religion, being a mother is often compared to honoring the holy grail of responsibility from God (people don’t use those words but that is how serious motherhood is understood). What was I if I wasn’t ever going to be a mom? Can I not be trusted with children? What a total load of crap this particular day ended up throwing on my often fragile identity in a religion where families are the center. That was, and sometimes still is, my struggle. (more…)

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The Best Hymns to Sing on Mothers’ Day

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This last Sunday for Mothers’ Day, my ward sang one fantastic hymn (“O My Father”) and one hymn I didn’t particularly care for (“Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth”).

So, in my mind, I’m envisioning my ideal Mothers’ Day sacrament meeting. And the hymns I would choose – hymns that empower women, mention women, speak to mothers’ concerns, etc. – are the following. My personal preference is to avoid hymns that promote ideals of female domesticity.

My favorite Mothers’ Day hymns:
1. O My Father because not only does it mention Heavenly Mother, but also it actually addresses both Her and the Father. This is personally very meaningful and touching to me. IMO, this is far and away the best hymn to sing on Mothers’ Day.

2. All Creatures of our God and King. Because the last verse is directed towards “Mother Earth.” I love, love, love that, as well as all the other verses that express such a joy in and appreciation for nature.

3. Where Can I Turn for Peace? Because of its context. Emma Lou Thayne wrote this hymn as she was watching her daughter struggle with anorexia. It’s very much a mothers’ outpouring of concern for a strugggling child.

In your ideal Mothers’ Day sacrament meeting, what hymns would you like to hear?

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What I really want for Mothers Day…

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I have to admit that I appreciate a bouquet of flowers and some very fine dark chocolate. I’ve even really liked the jewelry that my husband has given me for Mother’s Day in past years. And the Eggs Florentine that John and the kids cook from scratch and serve to me in bed is the best. But, I have this secret list of things that would mean a lot more to me than food and flowers. Someday I hope to get one (or more) of these:

1) A clean house. Do the dishes, wash & fold the laundry, clean out the kitty litter box. Mop & vacuum the floors—even in the corners and under the furniture. Find new homes for all the dustbunnies under the kids’ beds. Dust the bookcases and the piano and the chairs—every nook & cranny. Sweep the porch. Wipe the bugs and dust off of the windowsills and out of the light fixtures. Clean the fridge and maybe even the oven.
2) Lots of kisses and hugs. For each member of my family to express their love for me and for each other.
3) When you serve me breakfast in bed, play Rachmaninoff on the stereo. Instead of leaving me alone to eat my favorite meal, join me.
4) A clean car—-inside and out.
5) Some help hoeing and weeding my garden. Or clipping back the honeysuckle that grows along the fence.
6) Share your favorite family memories with me. Get out the photo box and re-live some of the past together.
7) A massage. It could be my foot, my back, my scalp, or everything in between.

So, what’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

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